Wanna join Mensa!?

Join Mensa! It's pretty easy to do. We accept kids who score in the top 2 percent on a standardized intelligence test. That means 1 out of every 50 people qualifies for Mensa. That's a lot when you think about it; probably quite a few kids in your school qualify and don't even know it!

You can join American Mensa by doing one of two things:

1. Send in the results of an intelligence test you've already taken. We accept over 200 tests! Here are a few of them.

2. If you're 14 or older, take our admission tests in your area and qualify on one of them.

Send in your scores!

Since the Mensa Admission Test is offered only to people 14 years and older, you'll probably want to join by sending in your test scores from a test you've already taken. Remember, we accept the results of more than 200 tests!

Join Mensa! So, talk to your parents about joining and get their permission first. They'll be able to help you figure out if you've already taken a test that will qualify you. Once you find a test, they can help you fill out the application and send it in. Here's the process:

  1. Fill out our membership application form.
  2. Print it out and include it when you send us test results you think you might qualify on.
  3. Our testing staff will review your scores to make sure they're acceptable.
  4. If your scores are acceptable, you'll get a letter in the mail in about seven weekdays, letting you know you're in!
Your test score must be in one of the following formats:

If you want to send in test scores from a private or school psychologist, include your membership application and make sure your testing information appears on a psychologist's, school district's, clinic's or agency letterhead. It must also include:

Take a test in your area!

We offer tests to kids age 14 and older, and we offer culture-fair tests for kids who don't speak English well. If you're 14 or older, you can arrange to take our test with an American Mensa proctor in your area by filling out this form.

Learn more about gifted children and American Mensa

All American Mensa testing and admissions procedures are done under the supervision
of Dr. G. Frank Lawlis, Supervisory Psychologist, American Mensa Ltd.