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Rank Your Favorite Reads For Our Books Bracket Challenge



The Mensa Foundation’s Excellence in Reading program has helped to encourage a love of reading among thousands of children in homes, schools, and libraries across the globe. For that reason, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use the long-loved Excellence in Reading book lists as the basis for our upcoming 2024 Mensa For Kids Battle of the Books. To kick off the new year, visitors to will have the chance to vote in a bracket-style tournament to determine the ultimate literary champion. But first – we need your help!

To whittle our 200-title list down to just 64, we’re asking Mensa members to select up to 20 of their favorite books from those listed in the survey. The stories we love are close to our hearts and souls; they become part of what makes us who we are, so prepare for some tough decisions. Now, find a comfy chair, grab a snack (and maybe a debate partner), and complete the survey before midnight, Nov. 30, 2023.