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Mensa for Kids Activity Plans simultaneously entertain and challenge you.

Described as “less than a lesson plan, but more than a free day”, our Activity Plans fit a variety of needs. They offer education and fun in a themed group of activities. Every plan is scalable to fit your group size, level of complexity desired, and environment.

The Great North American Eclipse

The Great North American Eclipse will take place on April 8, 2024, with the path of totality to include Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Put on your eclipse glasses and get ready for a spectacular sight!

Create Your Own LEGO® Maze

In this activity, we’ll be building a LEGO Marble Maze and increasing the level of difficulty with each new design. We’ll start with a simple marble maze and then eventually add curves, tunnels, traps, and dead ends to the track.

Celebrate 100 Days of Learning

The 100th day of school might not be an official holiday, but it holds a place of significance in many schools. It is a time to celebrate the milestone of successfully completing 100 days of learning. The number 100 is featured heavily in the activities compiled on the following pages.

The Summer Seven!

Here are the Mensa Foundation's top seven tips for avoiding summer brain drain.

Pi Day Palooza!

March 14 is Pi Day! (Because it's 3/14; get it?) In honor of this international celebration, we've put together 3 math lessons and 14 math activities for you to enjoy.

Roller Coaster Mania!

This activity combines science, fun and a little challenge! Your group will design and build "roller coasters" for marbles out of foam pipe insulation.

Movie Night Activity Plan

Virtually everyone likes movies, and this activity embraces the “filmophile” in all of us. Movie Nights lend themselves to both the whole-group and divided-group format, so choose which works best for you.

Inside Out Fun!

The simplest things can often be the most entertaining, and using things for uncommon uses other lends excitement to the activity.

Harrowing Halloween Handicrafts!

Science and Halloween are perfect companions, and most of the ideas below can be done with common household items.

Duct Tape Bonanza

A duct tape activity is a natural for Mensans — it’s fun, it’s creative and it’s smart. All you need is a lot of duct tape and some prizes!

Too Cool for School Lunches!

School lunches don’t have to be boring! With a little creativity, even common lunchtime items can make interesting and fun lunchtime options.

Storming the Castle!

Taking its name from Miracle Max's line in The Princess Bride, this activity can expand or contract to fit your Local Group's needs. At its least intricate, it is a building activity; at its most elaborate, it is a medieval extravaganza!

Make Your Own Slime!

A lesson in polymers, non-Newtonian fluids, and fun!

Penny Science

May 23 is Lucky Penny Day, but pennies are fun any day of the year. Don't believe us? Try out some of these cent-sational ideas!

The Science of Candy

Candy is for more than snacking! Explore ways to use candy to learn more about science and the world around you.