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Download two free brochures, which may be provided to students and parents, that explain what American Mensa offers specifically for Gifted Youth and college-bound students, one of the fastest-growing segments of American Mensa’s membership. Learn more about gifted youth admission

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The free Bright Minds Ally newsletter is designed specifically for high school counselors helping students navigate scholarship & college applications, college-prep courses, community service projects, and financial worries.

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The Mensa for Kids Blog, available to everyone, helps educators (and parents) take students from A to A+. Besides a full list of at-home learning resources, our Blog explores myriad topics — from engaging gifted and 2e learners by embracing their tendencies to navigating the post-Pandemic new normal to the reasons you should learn a foreign tongue today.

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Other Mensa member cost-savings apply to:

  • The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth, which identifies and develops the talents of the most advanced K-12 learners worldwide. The center offers Young Mensans a 10 percent discount on its online courses. When applying, young Mensans must provide proof of current membership via a copy of their up-to-date membership card.
  • 2e News, the next generation of the 2e Newsletter, which is a subscription-based website that provides information, research, and perspectives to promote understanding of twice-exceptional education and neurodiversity. Regularly $35, subscriptions are open to Mensa members for just $25.