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Using PERFECTION Game to Understand Focus

American Mensa and Hasbro have joined forces to celebrate learning. With that mutual goal in mind, Hasbro is relaunching some of its classic children's games, each featuring the Mensa For Kids logo and identifying learning elements for game-players. In conjunction, is featuring lesson plans that enhance a child's learning experience using game play as well as other activities that focus on learning elements highlighted in the Hasbro games.


Focus has a few different meanings, including:

  1. Center of interest or activity.
  2. State or quality of having or producing clear visual definition.

Show a clip of a busy place and ask how many of the kids saw ________. Explain that we often miss important details when we get distracted. We have to learn to focus to be able to complete our work, tasks, etc.

While a child plays PERFECTION game, have a distraction that pulls his attention away. Explain the importance of remaining on task.

Have children work in teams to see who can get the most pieces in the right place in the shortest time.

Learning Objective

What students will know and be able to do by lesson’s end:

  • Understand how focusing for a period of time on one task leads to completion or failure of it.

Key Background Knowledge

  • Shapes
  • Clocks and how they work


  • Multiple copies of PERFECTION game
  • Table

Key Vocabulary

Focus • Interruption • Time limit • Timer • Game pieces

Student Actions

  • Watch clip and see if they can spot __________.
  • One volunteer attempts game with distraction.
  • Teams play.

Guided Practice

Play games as teams of two-against-two for the best time with and without interruption.


Challenge self to beat the best time. Use only one hand. Use your non-dominant hand.