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Mensa for Kids Lesson Plans

Mensa for Kids Lesson Plans are learning units that contain multiple lessons over the same topic that are designed to meet the needs of all children for extension beyond the standard curriculum.

These lessons may be given to students for individual, self-guided work, or they may be taught in a classroom or homeschool setting. These plans are designed to enrich academic learning with extension for gifted children built in. We include a variety of questions and extension opportunities to allow the plans to be customized to work best for the student(s) you are working with.

Intensities in the Classroom

Intensities (sometimes called Overexcitabilities) provide a useful tool to analyze content because they resonate with many learners, particularly the gifted. Inviting students to recognize themselves in content deepens understanding and provides motivation for stronger analysis.

High School Middle School Other
Quotation Station

Meta-cognition (thinking about thinking) often fascinates gifted learners, and quotations are an accessible and time-effective way to introduce this in the classroom. Quotes lend themselves easily to critical thinking skills, and they are as useful in the home as conversation starters as well.

Elementary Other
Writing a screenplay

Strong readers make the "movie" of a book in their minds. This lesson guides children through the fundamentals of format required to write an actual movie screenplay.

Middle School Other
Introduction to Color

Color and color theory form the foundation of art as well as design. Gifted children are often tuned in to the aesthetic nature of things at an early age and can appreciate the nuances of color, as well as the way colors are blended, tinted and shaded.

Elementary Other
Magical Musical Tour

This is an entire unit on literary elements that should be taught over an extended period of time. It is most effective broken down and connected to literature the students are reading.

All levels Other
Matilda Teacher's Pack

This pack supports the RSC production of Matilda The Musical, written by Dennis Kelly with music and lyrics by Time Minchin. The activities provided have been created to support KS2 and 3 students who are seeing the production and contain extension ideas to develop children’s writing.

Elementary Other
Artie's Art Class

Often used to create an effect by placing contrasting elements together, juxtaposition adds visual interest, creating excitement and drama in the artwork.

Elementary Other